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About us

We Believe that access to energy is the right of every individual on the planet.  

Therefore energy related problems must be solved and implemented, not debated.  

Fortunately, there are more answers available today than many people realize.  

Kilowatt labs develops disruptive and impactful technologies that solve big, energy related problems and deliver Better Energy.  

Kilowatt Labs products contribute to the goal of eliminating fossil fuel usage in transport, utilities, industry, micro-grids, and regions

with no energy access with products that massively reduce cost and improve per performance at least 10x.

We are inventors.

We create solutions to the world’s complex energy problems.

Our products meet the energy demands of today

while unlocking the potential of a sustainable energy future-

safely, economically, and efficiently.

Kilowatt Labs. Welcome to a better energy future.

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Contact Us

Sirius Battery

Better Energy Through Energy Storage

Kilowatt Labs' supercapacitor based storage, the Sirius, delivers the first supercapacitor based energy storage

system as an alternative to chemical batteries.

The Sirius energy storage system is modular and can be discharged rapidly or slowly, depending upon the requirements of the load.

With an energy density of more than 115Wh/Kg, charging time of less than 30 seconds, cycle life of 1 million cycles, round-trip

efficiency of 99%, low cost of manufacturing infrastructure and cheaper pricing, the Sirius energy storage solution is a serious

alternative to all chemical batteries and is a new paradigm in energy storage.

Sirius Applications: Utility scale storage for frequency regulation, peak shaving, asset deferral, black start; EV's; Behind-the-Meter

storage for residential, commercial and industrial applications; microgrid systems for remote locations; refrigerated containers;

man-camp housing; container housing; telecom towers.

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Centauri Energy Server

Better Energy Through Distributed Energy

Kilowatt Labs' energy server, the Centauri, is the world's first energy server that enables 24-hour power from  100% renewable energy sources.

The Centauri is a plug-and-play architecture that accepts multiple energy inputs from both renewable and  non-renewable sources.

It smartly manages distribution of these energy inputs and delivers stable and reliable electricity, 24 hours a day.

The Centauri can be deployed from kilowatts to megawatts and has a  designed life of 20 years.

Centauri Applications: residential, commercial and industrial communities; university campuses; critical services; military bases; mines;

agricultural farms; island states; worker camps; prefabricated housing; displaced persons' camps; private virtual networks; telecom towers.

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A Product that Deliver Practical Solutions for Applications Across Markets

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Uses

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Non-Wires Alternatives:  Centauri Energy Server + Sirius Energy Storage

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Utility of the Future - “Non-Wires Alternative” Case Study

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Making of the Sirius Energy Storage Module

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